Antigo, WI army plane crash, Oct 1942

Texan Fatally Burned

MILWAUKEE, Wis., Oct. 2 (AP). - Pvt. C. W. Stanford, 21, of Farmersville, Texas, student at the preliminary glider school at Antigo, Wis., died Friday of burns received when a plane crashed.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 3 Oct 1942


Army Flier Killed In Antigo Crash

Antigo, Wis. - (UP) - The first serious accident since a prliminary glider training school was established here June 1, resulted in the death of Pvt. C. W. Stanford, Farmersville, Tex., this week.

He suffered burns Oct. 1 from which he died when the plane he was piloting crashed on the Joe Frisch farm near Antigo. Capt. Ross M. Clem of the school said that the cause of the crash had not been determined.

Frisch at two other farmers pulled Stanford from the flaming wreckage of his plane after watching it crash. The flyer was said to have been on a routine training flight.

The Sheboygan Press, Sheboygan, WI 3 Oct 1942


Antigo airbase.

The former base is 7.5 miles south of town on hwy 45 it on the west side of the road it has been converted into rental housing

Antigo glider training

From the Green Bay Press-Gazette, October 26th 2011:

Today in history

Oct. 26, 1942 — A dozen planes at airport Sunday: Several thousand spectators and a dozen planes were at the Brown County airport for its formal opening despite the fact that cold, windy weather made many hug their firesides and a ceiling of zero grounded ships throughout the state for the first part of the morning.

While visibility remained poor, some ships were able to get through with one flier coming from as far away as Kenosha and Kenneth Olson, airport manager, flying his plane from Racine.

Among the groups driving to the airport were Antigo air fans who took the civilian flying course which Olson and Thomas Hayes, acting manager of the airport, carried on in addition to their government teaching in the army glider school.

Two instructors from the Antigo army glider school were present to give flight instruction and passenger rides to those who wanted them.

Antigo Air Force Station, glider training

Antigo Air Force Station, the radar base, was in operation from June 1952 to June 1977. It was located about three miles NNW of Aniwa; 45-02-55 N, 89-14-05 W. Most of the structures are still there, I believe the cantonment area, nine small homes just outside the main gate, are occupied. The base is located about half a mile west of County Road HH, between State Highway 52 and Bear Lake Road. This was purely a radar site, there was never any aviation activity there, it has no relationship to WWII glider training.

WWII glider training was based at present-day Langlade County Airport, located about a mile northeast of Antigo and called Antigo Airport at that time. Training was conducted in the Taylorcraft BC-65 by simply shutting down the engine and gliding. Glider training there was in operation only for about six months in 1942.

Antigo Air Force Base

I don't know for sure if the glider base was there but the Antigo Air Force Base was west of Anwia. Take 52 west from 45, then go north on, looks like it is called county road HH. It was a big cold war Radar station out there, looks like there was a landing strip out there also. Just a few years ago it was still easy to get in there and look around but it is posted and watched now as far as I know.

Radar Base

The place you are looking for is the old Radar base off of Cty. Rd. H(west side) between State Hwy 52 and Bear Lake road. I think there is a small trailer park back there now and the place is is probably private property. Google maps will give a nice overhead view.

Air Base near Antigo

Sorry I hadn't replied before now...I don't know if I've ever checked any of the responses to my posts (and several articles have been commented on). Unfortunately, I don't have any additional information on the airfield. All I usually do is transcribe the articles, I don't find them myself.

I'm sure you've exhausted many possible sources of information in your search. Here are a couple you may not have thought of:

1. Old topographic maps, if they were from the correct time period, would show the airfield. The only place I know that has older topographic maps is Carroll College in Waukesha (I was a student of geography there). Otherwise, the Robinson Map Library in Science Hall at UW-Madison may have old topographic maps.

2. Old aerial photographs. Again, the map library at UW-Madison has a great collection from the entire state. For most counties they have complete sets of aerials that were taken in the late 1930s to 1941. In addition, your local USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office will likely have a few sets of old aerial photographs. You could contact them, I imagine they have an office in Antigo.

Also, the "airfield" may just have been what is now the Antigo County Airport.

Good luck on your search.


air base or school near antigo

I live in antigo and I am actually researching finding info on the glider school and supposedly there was a air base here also, but noone seems to know where either was located, please if you have any info let me know.