Lone Rock, WI (Other WI Towns) Tornado, May 1918


Madison, Wis., May 22. -- Seven persons were killed and 30 injured in a storm which last night partly destroyed the village of Lone Rock, 44 miles west of Madison.
The dead:
CLARA HOPPE, 14 years old.
EDWARD HOPPE, 12 years old.
______ HOPPE, 5 years old.
______ BECK, 6 years old, Plain, Wis.
______ YANKE, Irish Valley, Wis.
A man named DR. JAMIESON is reported to be among the dead.
The entire northern portion of the village was swept away. Meager reports indicate the loss of life will be great as the village lies on a level stretch unprotected. It is said that the dead were picked up almost a mile from the place where they were lifted by the wind.
A tornado also is reported to have done much damage about 18 miles southwest of here. Houses are reported to have blown down at Mount Horeb, but no loss of life is reported. The damage in Madison was comparatively slight.
It was reported that a $100,000 Catholic church at Plain, Wis., was destroyed.

Waterloo Evening Courier Iowa 1918-05-22