Milwaukee, WS (Lake Michigan) Ferry C. F. MILWAUKEE Disaster, Oct 1929

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In addition to the 26 men known to have been aboard the Milwaukee when she left here Tuesday a majority of the following were believed to have been aboard the ill-fated ferry. These names in addition to the others were included in the Oct. 16, payroll:
A. KISS, wheelsman, Milwaukee.
O. E. JACKSON, lookout, Grand Haven.
J. O'BRIEN, lookout.
J. MURPHY, watchman.
A. WIDING, watchman, Grand Haven.
FRANK WELTER, watchman, Milwaukee.
E. NELSON, watchman.
RAY GIRARD, watchman.
S. JARVEY, deckhand.
J. SCHOLOCK, deckhand, Milwaukee.
E. BUGALESKI, deckhand.
GUS BIDSTRIP, deckhand.
E. KROUSE, oiler.
T. McNELLO, oiler.
C. JOHNSTON, oiler.
H. MOSS, watertender.
T. GANNON, watertender.
W. LASKEY, watertender.
J. NICKLASS, watertender.
J. MERICA, fireman.
J. O'SHEA, fireman.
P. DONNIGAN, fireman.
J. GORORSKI, fireman.
J. LYONS, coal passer.
C. LAWRENCE, coal passer.
Z. YRAN, coal passer.
P. McNELLO, coal passer.
J.RODDY, coal passer.
C. HESSENGER, coal passer.
W. POWELL, coal passer.
CARL BARNES, second porter.
S. BERKOVICH, second porter.
ART GILBERT, first waiter.
J. ROSS, second waiter.
OLE BERG, cabin watchman.
OTTO EISAESSER, cabin watchman.
The Milwaukee was 338 feet long and had a beam of 56 feet. The stern of the boat from the main deck upward was open, thus permitting freight cars to be switched onto the four tracks on the main deck inside the boat. An "apron" at the stern could be let down and pulled up when cars were to be loaded or unloaded.
The capacity of the Milwaukee was 28 freight cars, seven to each of the four tracks. Twenty-seven cars were aboard on the last trip.

Daily Globe Ironwood Michigan 1929-10-23