Milwaukee, WI Whaleback CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS Disaster, June 1917

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The dead in the Milwaukee accident are:
MISS EVA EASTMAN, 24, of 6055 Drexel Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
THOMAS H. CREEL, JR., 32, Parkersburg, W. Va., identified by postcards and letters in pockets.
ARTHUR G. POLLOCK, 24, Julian Hotel, Dubuque, Ia., identified by card bearing no address.
FRANK SAUKUP, 28, 1835 Blue Island Avenue, Chicago, Ill., identified by cards in pockets.
CECIL NEIL, 19, Billings, Okla., staying at 321 South Eastern Avenue, Joliet, Ill.
MRS. BLANCHE COPPER, 33, Cherokee, Kas., staying at 5759 Blackstone Avenue, Chicago. MRS. COPPER was identified by her husband, who broke down, and NEIL was identified by a younger brother, who was on the boat with him. MR. COOPER also was a passenger, but he escaped injury.
MISS GERTRUDE CRANDALL, of Oak Park, Ill. Her head was crushed and both arms broken.
MISS ALTA ROBERTS, 24, Morrill, Kan., 6021 Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, Ill., (student). Is dead at Emergency Hospital. She had a signet ring, in which was the letter "A" and on her person was found a white card with the name "Alta." She sustained a fractured skull and one leg was crushed off and she suffered internal injuries. She died soon being brought to the hospital.
ALFRED MURRAY, 23, 4023 Vincennes Avenue, Chicago, Ill., with baggage check J-tj554, Milwaukee street car tickets and Milwaukee newspaper clippings, is dead.
ABRAHAM RUDICH, 18, 1542 Clifton Park Avenue, Chicago, Ill., with a Marlboro watch fob with initial "A" button with "best ever secret service" inscribed on it and a pocketbook with sixteen cents in it, also dead.
WILLIAM STEINBERG, 20, 714 Greenfield Avenue, Milwaukee, body found floating in water at 10 o'clock. Believed to be waiter on Columbus.
FRED J. BLUM, 48, 418 Second Avenue, Milwaukee.
ROBERT DOWNS, 3318 Rhodes Avenue, Chicago, Ill., waiter, (colored).
MISS BERTHA PARSONS, 24, 6021 Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, Ill., (student).
Among the injured:
B. E. FIRSE, colored, 3344 Vernon Avenue, Chicago; nose broken and cuts on forehead, right hip badly bruised.
M. L. SYMMS, colored, 3316 Wabash Avenue, Chicago; injuries to right wrist and back of head.
EUGENE PAGE, colored, 3306 Rhodes Avenue, Chicago; right elbow cut and right foot slightly crushed.
THOMAS CLAYTON, colored, 3801 Forest Avenue, Chicago; back hurt.
EDWARD FIRSE, colored, brother of B. E. FIRSE, and same address, injuries to head and back.
DAVID COSTLOW, New Orleans, La., 40, a salesman for the Milwaukee Scale company, skull fractured.
EMMA TAYLOR, 38, teacher, 6040 Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, scalp cut and fractured ribs.
ALBERT PIVA, 27, 1724 South Loomis Avenue, Chicago, injury to back.
C. E. ERKLE, 21, single, 1113 North Ridgeway Avenue, Chicago, injury to left foot and right leg and back.
GERTRUDE SYKES, 27, North Dearborn Street, Chicago, shoulder contused, abrased and contused hip, bruised face.
MISS FANNY FAY JONES, Coleman, Tex., seriously injured, may die.
RALPH DIETMAR, Chicago, not fatal.
MRS. M. C. GIRTH, Tex., not fatal.
MISS BESSIE GOGEIN, Kentucky, not fatal.
L. G. PHILPS, 6608 May Street, Chicago, both legs injured.
R. L. LAMAR, 3434 Vernon Avenue, Chicago, bruised and cut.
JOHN OSBORNE, 1828 Indiana Avenue, Chicago, right arm broken.
WILLIAM EARNST, Indianapolis, bruised and cut.

Wisconsin State Journal Madison 1917-07-01