Manitowoc, WI (Lake Michigan) Schooner RAND Wrecked, May 1901

Thursday I noticed that it hauled around to the north and my husband would surely have left at that time if he had not left before. He should surely have reached Milwaukee before now, where he intended to sell the load, and if unsuccessful he was going to Kenosha. He might have taken on a load of slabs instead of wood. I fear that he has been lost with my daughter and the two men. The bottom of the Rand was painted lead color and that part that extends from the deck was painted green, while the rail streak was black. The small boat was painted the same color as the vessel. She would carry 115 cords of wood and was worth $1,500, but there was no insurance. The Rand was a very old boat, but considered perfectly seaworthy by my husband."
Mrs. Jefferson said that she had been cleaning house and feared some impending calamity, but tried to throw off the feeling. She was sure that if her husband had reached any port or remained at Coyne during the storm he or at least her daughter would have let her know.
Telegrams to the Journal from Milwaukee state that messages from Coyne state that the Rand left that port with slabs just before the big blow. In view of the fact and that other vessels have been heard from there is every reason to believe she was wrecked.
This morning the tug Welcome of Milwaukee, with the life saving crew, cleared from that port to locate and tow the wreck ashore if possible.
Captain JEFFERSON, master of the Rand, is one of the best known men sailing out of this port. He has been a resident of Racine for about fifteen years and always sailed and owned boats of his own. He was a good natured and jolly seaman. His daughter, MISS DAISY, is well known on the north side of the river and moved in social circles of that locality. The family own and live in a neat home on Michigan Street. The wife, two sons and a young daughter are at home and much distressed over the sad news of the supposed loss of the Rand.

Racine Journal Wisconsin 1901-05-30