Center, WI Swamp Fire, Sept 1895


Farmers in Outagamie County Working Like Heroes to Check the Flames.


A Northwest Wind Now will Sweep an Area of Eight Miles---States Specials

Appleton, Wis., Sept. 11.---[Special.]---The fire in the big swamp in the town of Center continues to burn and has spread somewhat in spite of the efforts to check it. The last hope of keeping it from the heavy timber of the main swamp lies in the old logging road which had been plowed up, the earth banked toward the fire and the roadway converted into a wide trench. If the fire crosses this barrier and gets into the heavy cedar timber it will sweep through the whole swamp, extending into the towns of Greenville and Dale clear to the the Wolf river and a swampy region of six or eight miles long and from one to three miles long and from one to three miles wide will be at its mercy.

This region is crossed here and there by high ridges on which are farms, but also enough timber so they will afford no barrier to the flames once they are fairly started. The wind today is in a favorable quarter, but light. All steam threshers in the threatened region have been stopped by order of the town chairman and crews are assisting the farmers to fight the fire.

The crisis will come tonight or tomorrow morning when the fire reaches the abandoned logging road. Under favorable conditions the fire will be checked there, but with a northeast wind the whole swamp must go. Assistance from adjoining towns is coming to the farmers of the threatened district.

Centralia Enterprise and Tribune, Centralia, WI 14 Sept 1895