Sheboygan, WI Drowning Rescue, May 1916




Supposed Log in Lake Turns Out to be the Body of Child—Down for Third Time When the Rescuers Arrive—Little Brother Too Young to Give an Alarm Stands by and Points to Where Body Went Under.

The timely arrival of Edward Samse and O. E. Zwerg saved the life of the five year old daughter of Engineer and Mrs. Henry Pahlkotter, Washington Court and just as the little tot had gone down for the last time, off the new breakwater.

Last evening while the two gentlemen were seated on shore near the breakwater, Mr. Zwerg remarked to his friend that a log or something was floating near the breakwater about 65 yards out from shore. A closer observation revealed that it was a child and with all haste the parties ran along the breakwater, and just as she was going down in the mucky water for the last time Mr. Samse reached down and pulled her out and with the aid of Mr. Zwerg she was placed on the breakwater where efforts to revive her were finally successful. While several people were on the beach at the time there was little or not commotion and few knew of the near drowning until the girl was revived and being brought ashore by the young men. Her little brother was with her at the time and as the men reached a point near where she had gone down he pointed to the water, and said, “there she is,” but hardly seemed to realize the grave position, due to his tender years.

She was taken to her home on Washington Court and this morning was able to be about. It will be recalled that last year a little lad was drowned off the same breakwater, and something will have to be done to keep children from venturing out. Usually they walk out on the breakwater and then reach over and drop little stones in the water, watching the splash. This is a pastime indulged in by many lads. With the little girl last evening she was down on the runway along the breakwater, near the water’s edge and said she slipped and fell in the water. The water at that point is about four feet deep and muck, due to the river water that is carried into the basin. A few inches further below the surface and it is doubtful if a rescue could have been accomplished in time to save the life of the child.

Sheboygan Press, Sheboygan, WI 25 May 1916