La Crosse, WI Escursion Steamer J S Fire, Jun 1910 - 3 Dead, 50 Injured

J S Excursion Steamer, photo from familyoldphotos.com J S Excursion Steamer, photo from familyoldphotos.com


As Result of Burning of the Excursion Boat.

The Escape of All but a Few of the Fifteen Hundred Passengers on the Steamer J. S. Is Regarded as Almost Miraculous.

La Crosse, Wis., June, 16 - Three persons lost their lives, five were seriously injured, and it is estimated that 50 received cuts and bruises, when the Mississippi river excursion steamer J. S. burned Saturday night.

The Dead.
MRS. EMMA RANDALL, New Albion, Iowa.
JOHN PLANE, Waskon, Iowa, burned to death.
Unknown Woman, drowned.
Seriously Injured.
JOSEPH COYLE, Lansing, Iowa, both hands burned and severe injuries about body.
MRS. DR. MEYES, Lansing, leg broken.
MRS. JOHN JOSEPH, De Soto, seriously injured about head and shoulders and possibly internally.
MRS. ARCHIE BAILEY, Victory, ankle mashed.
MRS. GUS KAEPPLER, Victory, ankle sprained and severely bruised about body.

Escape As By Miracle.
The escape of all but a handful of the fifteen hundred passengers who thronged the decks of the big boat when the fire broke out is regarded as a miracle. Prompt work by the crew and cool-headed passengers in the controlling of the frantic ones after the first alarm was sounded, is all that prevented hundreds of people from jumping into the river at mid-stream. MRS RANDALL, was the only one who broke through the guard on the edge of the decks and twenty men had arms outstretched to grasp her when she plunged from the upper deck into the water below. Her body has not been recovered.

JOHN PLANE was locked in the boat's brig in the hold for disorderly conduct and in the excitement of the panic no one thought to release him.

Loss About $70,000.
It was late Sunday morning before the last stranded excursionists were removed from Bay Ave., Island on which the boat was beached ten minutes after the fire broke out. The loss to the Acme Packet Company, the owner of the steamer, is estimated to be $60,000. Practically every passenger on the steamer lost clothing, money, jewelry or other valuables in the rush for land and it is estimated that this combined loss will aggregate $10,000.

The Atlanta Constitution Georgia 1910-06-27