Stevens Point, WI Grant's Park Drowning Rescue, July 1906

Boat Tips Over. Catastrophe is Narrowly Averted at Episcopal Picnic.

Another drowning disaster on the river was narrowly averted at the Episcopal picnic at Grant’s park Friday afternoon by the cool headed presence of mind of one of the young men. Frank Degen and the Misses Flossie Hall and Hazel Herriman, all young people from 15 to 17 years of age, were out on the river in a boat. They were not far from shore but still in deep water so that they could not touch bottom. As usual in such cases the young ladies were seized with a seemingly uncontrollable desire to change seats and as a result the boat was completely overturned and all three were precipitated into the water. Degen, who is an excellent swimmer, succeeded in getting both the young ladies back to the boat, where they clung until he towed them ashore into shallow water. It was a very clever rescue and solved what appeared at one time to be a serous situation. Miss Herriman suffered a severe nervous shock on account of the accident, but Miss Hall, who can swim a little, was not much affected. The accident cast a gloom over some of the more nervous members of the party and there was little enjoyment in the picnic for them throughout the remainder of the afternoon. The accident occurred above the water works.

When the boat tipped over one of the young ladies grasped hold of Degen and in order to free himself for effective work he had to ungallantly [?] thrust her off. Had he not done so probably all three would have been drowned.

The incident occurred out of sight of the picnic party but the calls of those in the water were heard on the grounds and a crowd soon gathered on the shore.

Monte Collins, who was out on the stream with another boat, went to the assistance of the party and helped get them ashore.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI 28 Jul 1906