Sharon, WI Storm, July 1880


Incidents of Last Friday's Storm

A heavy rain storm, accompanied by the most vivid lightning, and in some places by a destructive wind, passed over the country on Friday night of last week. The lightning was particularly destructive...


Sharon Correspondence of the Journal.

On Friday morning, July 9th, Andrew Yenta, aged 27 years, and his younger brother, while at work in a cellar under the former's dwelling, were struck by lightning and instantly killed. The bolt struck the chimney, completely demolishing it, and passing down through the first and second floors, struck the elder brother and passed down the back of his neck, mutilating the head and shoulders badly. The body of the younger brother showed no signs of violence. A little girl who was in bed in the next chamber was slightly burned, but several persons on the ground floor escaped without injury.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI 17 Jul 1880


Possibly this Andrew Janta, a Prussian farmer, who according to the 1880 census (enumerated a couple of weeks before the storm) lived in Sharon, WI, with his wife, Mary, 3 year-old daughter Francis and infant son Nicholas.