Eau Clair, WI Storm, July 1883

A Severe Storm.

EAU CLAIR, Wis. July 3. --- A severe hail and thunderstorm struck this vicinity about 4 this afternoon, doing great damage to buildings, crops, etc., and rumors of disasters are constantly coming in. JAMES RILEY, a prominent farmer, was struck by lightning and instantly killed. The storm is especially severe in the neighborhood of New Chicago and Mondovi, and traveled from there up Beef river doing great damage; at Mandoni five barns were torn to pieces. Farmer WILLIAMS, living between Osseo and Hamlin, Trompelean county, had five horses and thirteen cattle killed and his building blown down. Two men were badly hurt at New Chicago.

The storm was one of the most disastrous ever experienced in this vicinity.

Liberty Weekly Tribune Missouri 1883-07-06