Shawano, WI Flood, Jul 1912

Shawano, Wis., July 24. -- Damaging rains that fell all Tuesday and Tuesday night put Shawano under water. It is estimated that from eight to twelve inches of water fell and the Wolf river has been raised so high at this point that one end of the dam may have to be dynamited to save the mills of the Wolf River Paper Fiber company.

Although it has cleared off today, the water is still rising. Men are ready with dynamite, ready to destroy the dam if the water does not subside before reaching the danger point.

Everything in Shawano is in an awful shape. Cellars, even on Main street are filled with water. This morning's trains did not arrive here, and the Chicago & Northwestern train due at Shawano at 8 o'clock last night is reported at Cecil, a few miles east of here, its engine ditched by the floods.

Telegraphic communications with outside points are much impaired, and many wires are reported down. There was nothing reported in this vicinity that resembled a cyclone, but the result of the rains was so damaging that residents dread more showers.

Daily Commonwealth, Fond Du Lac, WI 24 July 1912


Shawano., Wis. July 25.--One death has resulted here as a part of the general losses incident to the flood which has visited this section following torrential rains Tuesday. The rise during the night has been nearly a foot and no indication of the waters receding was given at noon today.

Phillip Henford, one of a crew of men engaged in watching the dam of the Wolf River Paper Fiber company, was a victim of the flood last night. He was pulling out wooden "needles" from the dam's structure when one of these, broken by the force of the water, hurled him into the rapids. He was unable to swim. The body has not been recovered.

Daily Commonwealth, Fond Du Lac, WI 25 July 1912