Knowlton, WI Farmer Killed by Fall, Dec 1911


Polish Farmer Falls and Breaks Neck Last Sunday.

JOSEPH SOBOLEWSKI. a farmer about sixty years of age, living east of Knowlton, was almost instantly killed at that village last Sunday. He had driven into the village to attend church in the morning and left his sleigh to be repaired while attending.

After church he went over to Adam Feit's place and conversed with friends. standing in front of the saloon. While there a neighbor who had driven in to church with him. informed him that the sleigh was repared [sic] and at the same time passed in back of Sobolewski. As he did so the latter threw up his hands and fell backward against the other, this turning him part way around. It is probable that he struck a cement step when he fell. for his head was cut right over his eye and his neck was broken. Death was almost instantaneous. The facts of the case being well known there was no need of an inquest and none was held. Soboslewski is survived by his wife and four children.

Stevens Point Daily Journal, Stevens Point, WI 19 Dec 1911