Oshkosh, WI Fires 1879

Jan 21, 1879
Destruction of the residence of FORD. FABER on the south side
Feb 16, 1879
Burning of the residence of DAN O'NIEL south side
Feb 21, 1879
Incendiarism and partial destruction of the ASA ROGER's residence on High street....
April 29, 1879
House of JOHN O.BRIEN 4th ward burned; MRS. COOPER, occupant, and two children narrowly escape.
May 4,1879
Residence of MRS. H. E DRUMMER partially burned....
May 4,1879
Three houses burned on Elm street, belonging to R. EDWARDS, JAS. JOHNSON and JACOB KLEIN.... Dwelling of CHARLES TYRIEVER on High street burned
May 16, 1879
House of MRS. O'BRIEN near threshing machine works burned....
June 6, 1879
Residence of M. YOUNG on Wren street burned.
July 14, 1879
Damage by fire of the residence owned by MRS. A. EVERETT, and occupied by MRS. DERBY.
July 19, 1879
Burning of house in 6th ward owned by A. G., LULL, occupied by MRS. PETERS.
July 25,1879
Burning of FRANK CLARK's barn.
July 30, 1879
Burning of a barn on Wren street, owned by MRS. MCCOURT.
Dec 11, 1879
Three barns burned on south side belonging to W D. STROUD, ALLEN CARTWRIGHT and OLIVER LIBBY

Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, WI 5 Jan 1880