Waukesha, WI Mansion House and Methodist Church Fire, July 1882

Losses by Yesterday's Fire.
Careful estimates of the losses by the fire of yesterday afternoon with the insurance so far as ascertained give the following results:
Mrs. Carney, loss by fire in Mansion House kitchen and breakage $500. Insurance on building $2000 in the German American of N. Y.; $1500 in the Underwriters Agency.

Same, by destruction of livery stables and bards $2000. Insurance $500 in the Underwriters Agency; $1000 in the Hartford. Mr. Gleissner by destruction of horses and property in barn $1000. Insurance $1000 in the Hartford.

Methodist church $9,000. Insurance $5,000 in the AEtna.

Mrs. J. Blackwell, loss on buildings and furniture $600. No insurance on the barn. Other insurance $1,600, in the Home of New York.

O. Z. Olin, loss on barn $200, on house and fence $100, furniture $50. Insurance on barn $100, house $750, furniture $150 in Lancashire Co. of Manchester, Eng.

Messrs. J. J. Clarke, Ira A. White, John Sleep and others also sustained some damage, amounting to perhaps $500 or more in the aggregate, but which has not been figured out in detail

Waukesha Freeman, Waukesha, WI 27 July 1882

--The man who drew the plans of the Methodist church builded better than he knew in not placing windows in the rear wall. To this is due to-day the fact that the Herbrandt residence is not in ashes.

--Mr. Gleissner will go right on with his livery business, and has established himself at the American House barn. His loss of three horses by fire will not at all interfere with him and the fine turnouts, for which his establishment has always been noted, are as good as every. Joe has the right kind of material in his make up.

Waukesha Freeman, Waukesha, WI 27 July 1882


Mr. Harding of Chicago, general agent for the northwest for the Springfield Insurance company of Springfield, Mass., was here yesterday and adjusted the loss of the late fire of the Methodist E. church, and paid over to Edward Porter, chairman of the trustees of the said church $950, being the full amount of the insurance less 6 per cent. The board of trustees will hold a business meeting to-night at the town hall when some action will be taken as to the rebuilding of the edifice.

Waukesha Freeman, Waukesha, WI 3 Aug 1882