Plainfield, WI Fire, Jan 1909


Sunday afternoon fire was discovered in the building at Plainfield occupied as a restaurant by W. H. Collins, formerly of this city. The blaze was put to at that time before any material damage was done, but during the night it started again and as a result of the second fire the Collins restaurant and the Merychunk saloon adjoining were practically destroyed. The building occupied by the restaurant was owned by May Coon and the saloon building by the Newhall estate. A report from Plainfield says the losses were fully covered by insurance. The Plainfield fire department called upon Hancock for assistance and a liberal supply of hose and a number of men were brought up from Hancock on the morning freight train on the Central in charge of Conductor C. B. Baker.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI, 16 Jan 1909


Plainfield had an exciting experience with a big fire Sunday night. The blaze first broke out in the restaurant kept by W. H. Collins at 10:30 Sunday evening. This was located in a brick building, owned by Mrs. Mary Coon, who sustained a loss thereon amounting about $3,000, insured for $2,300. The restaurant goods of Mr. Collins were almost entirely destroyed. They were valued at $1,800 and insured in Bovee's agency for $1,200, written in the New York Underwriters' agency. The brick building next east owned by the C. H. Newhall estate was also destroyed, valued at $2,500 fully insured. This building was occupied as a saloon by John Merrychunk who estimates his loss at $1,500 with no insurance. Mr. Merrychunk's insurance expired Jan. 1, only 10 days before. The agent renewed it but Merrychunk refused to accept the police saying that he would carry his own risk.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI, 16 Jan 1909