Lancaster, WI Fire Burns Fourth of Town, Aug 1888

Lancaster, WI town fire, 1888

Big Fire at Lancaster.

LANCASTER, Wis., Aug. 29. -- Fire broke out at 2:45 this morning, destroying one fourth of the business portion of this city. When discovered the flames were confined to a small wood-shed in the rear of a block of wooden buildings, owned by the estate of James A. Jones. The alarm was immediately give and soon every man, woman and child in town was on the scene ready to aid in arresting the fire or saving property from the ravages of the flames.

The fire company was promptly on hand and, considering that it had but a small hand engine, did excellent work. It was soon seen to be useless to try to arrest the fire where it was and the only remaining hope was to confine it to the block where it started and save the balance of town. This was accomplished only by the combined efforts of the fire company and the citizens who fought like tigers. Even young women and girls took their turn at the engine pump and thus rendered valuable assistance in saving the town from destruction.

The fire first extended to the brick store of Ivey & Webb; then to the brick block of John P. Lewis, occupied by Willey & Needham; then on down the street, consuming in succession the business places of John Baldwin, Stone & Hassell, John Siminson, John Jeide, E. E. McCoy, Knapp, Edwards & Burgess, The Grant County Herald and H. Ressmeyer.

The total loss as carefully estimated by The State Journal correspondents $41,700; total insurance $25,350.

Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, WI 31 Aug 1888