Monroe, WI (other locations also) Traffic Accidents, Jul 1956



Monroe - Accidents in this area over the weekend took two lives.
SCOTT ELLINGSON, 2-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Duane Ellingson, Rte. 1, Juda, died in St. Clare Hospital here at 7 a.m. Monday as a result of a collision of cars near Browntown.
OSCAR VINGER, 77, Monroe, a retired Argyle farmer, was killed at 4:30 p.m. Sunday when a car in which he was a passenger plunged out of control down a steep hill and into a creek bed near Woodford.
Cars driven by DUANE ELLINGSON, Juda, and BARTLETT CLARK, 43, Rte. 3, Brodhead, collided Sunday afternoon at the Merrill Smith farm near Browntown as drivers and those in their cars were gazing at the ruins of a barn fire there which resulted from lightning Saturday afternoon. ELLINGSON and his wife both suffered injuries in the crash and remained in St. Clare Hospital Monday for treatment of cuts and rib injuries. Their infant son, TODD, was unhurt.
CLARK, driver of the other car, was given first air treatment at the hospital and released.
VINGER was a passenger in a car with MR. and MRS. BONNER WHITE, Monroe. The three had attended the annual Blackhawk picnic, on the Blackhawk war battleground 15 miles west of Monroe near Woodford. WHITE lost control of the car as they left the picnic grounds by way of a steep hill about 100 yards long. Deputy Sheriff Homer Lovelace, Woodford, an eyewitness of the accident, said that it appeared that brakes on the car failed, and it rolled straight down the hill and into a creek bed.
About 1,500 on the nearby picnic grounds were unaware of the accident, and VINGER'S son, Morris, who was attending the picnic, was not found and notified until an hour afterward. The car narrowly missed Henry Wieman and his son, Charles, both of Woodford, who were selling tickets at the foot of the hill.
MRS. WHITE, about 60, remained in critical condition in St. Clare Hospital Monday. She suffered a broken hip, internal injuries, concussion, head injuries and a possible fractured shoulder. Her husband also remained in the hospital for treatment, but appeared to be less seriously injured.

Janesville Daily Gazette Wisconsin 1956-07-09