New London, WI Auto Collision Kills Three, Aug 1959



New London - Six years ago, Robert Hoagland was killed in an automobile accident. Sunday his widow, ELIZABETH HOAGLAND, 39, her son JAMES, 9, and daughter BETTY LOU, 7, were killed in a collision at the intersection of Highways 45 and 54 on the north edge of New London at 9:30 a.m.
The mother and daughter died shortly after being rushed to New London Community Hospital just after 9:30 a.m. Sunday. JAMES died there at 6:45 p.m. Seven other HOAGLAND children were in the car, and all but one were badly injured. The three occupants of the other car involved in the intersection crash were also hurt, two of them seriously.
In serious condition are:
ROBERT HOAGLAND, 18, driver of one car, with broken collar bones, broken left arm and right leg and partial amputation of the left foot;
RUTH, 17, both legs broken and internal injuries;
JERRY, 14, right leg and head injuries;
CAROL, 13, multiple face fractures;
LARRY, 12, head injury;
and MARY, 10, head injury and possible fractured left leg.

Boy Less Seriously Hurt.
MARVIN, 6, was hospitalized with head cuts but was less seriously hurt.
Also seriously hurt were MRS. NEITA HALVERSON, 24, of New London, with both legs and her left arm fractured, and her son, GREGORY, 20 months, head injury.
MRS. HALVERSON'S husband, LOWELL, 25, who drove the other car, suffered cuts and bruises, but was not listed as seriously injured.
New London police said the HALVERSON car was going north on 45 while the HOAGLAND auto was going west of 54. The HOAGLAND car, hit broadside, was shoved 70 feet from the point of impact. Neither car turned over.
At the intersection Highway 45 is a through highway and there is an arterial stop on 54.

Ambulances Kept Busy.
The three New London ambulances, Cline & Hanson; Kircher; and Carl Herber's, each made two trips to the hospital with accident victims. Paul Kampke made a trip with his station wagon. "It was terrible. The sirens blew for a long, long time as the ambulances rushed back and forth," said one New London resident.

Oshkosh Northwestern Wisconsin 1959-08-31