Chippewa Falls WI Allen House Hotel Fire Dec 1858

The Fire at Chippewa Falls---The Incendiary Caught.
From a series of facts brought to light since the burning of the Allen House, suspicion has rested upon a German named Joseph Hecker as being the party who fired it. Hecker left the Falls the next day after the fire and went to Reed's Landing and put up at the St. Julian, where Mr. Hoffeschmidt, the proprietor, by a series of interrogatories most adroitly put, succeeded in getting his confession of the firing of the building, and a detailed account of all the attendant circumstances. Hecker had some notes against parties at the Falls which Hoffschmidt advised him to go and collect, and in case he failed to do so, he (Hecker) was to set fire to the Mills of the Lumbering Company. Hoffschmidt went with him and as soon as they got to the Falls he made complaint, and in default of $5000.00 bail which upon examination before Justice Capron, he was required to give, was sent to Dunville County Jail to await his trail. This occurred last Saturday.
Free Press, Chippewa Falls, WI 3 Mar 1859