Taycheedah, WI Schaefer cottage fire, July 1912


Summer Home at Taycheedah is Leveled by Fire


Volunteer Fire Fighters Save Adjoining Buildings from Onslaught of Flames - Loss Estimated.

The summer home of Frank Schaefer, located on the lakeshore at Taycheedah, was destroyed by fire this morning, entailing a loss to the building and contents amounting to $2,100 according to Mr. Schaefer. The loss is partially covered by inusrance.

Mrs. Schaefer, her daughter Frances Schaefer, and Patrick Conley, a brother-in-law, were in a chicken coop at the rear of the cottage when Frank Mitchell, a boy living nearby, ran in and told them the cottage was ablaze.

The fire had evidently started from a kerosene stove which was being used to heat water. The stove occupied a place on top of a kitchen range. The interior of the kitchen was ablaze when the Mitchell boy gave the alarm.

The fire attracted the villagers and a volunteer fire bridgade was organized and efforts directed towards saving surrounding buildings. A telephone message summoned Mr. Schaefer from the city and he arrived just as the flames were breaking through the roof. A barn belonging to Peter Mengel and adjoining the Schaefer property on the south, caught fire several times but the volunteer firemen fought the blaze out. The Hanson tavern, which is across the highway from the burning cottage was saved through the efforts of three men who kept watch on the roof. The barns belonging to the Cole property also took fire. A spark was blown into the hay of one of the barns and it was only by the fastest kind of work that the fire was extinguished.

A group of large willow trees in front of the cottage prevented the fire from destroying the Hanson tavern and probably a greater part of the village. The burning brands were blown into the trees, to be halted by the dense branches and foliage. A high wind was blowing at the time of the fire. The cottage destroyed was a four room affair and had lately been remodeled and fitted up by Mr. Schaefer for his family. It will be rebuilt at once.

Daily Commonwealth, Fond du Lac,WI 15 July, 1912