Milwaukee, WI Piano Co. Fire Mar 1901

Many Buildings Gutted or Destroyed in Milwaukee Blaze.
MILWAUKEE, Wis., March 22--Fire tonight completely wiped out the big piano establishment of William Rohlfing & Sons, on Broadway, and wrought further destruction to adjoining property, entailing a loss close to $300,000, fully covered by insurance.
The fire started in the Rohlfing store, a four-story structure, which was heavily stocked with pianos and sheet music. The building and contents were licked up in the space of half an hour and the fire quickly spread to buildings on either side. William Rohlfing & Sons' loss will reach $250,000.
William E. Goodman, plumber, occupying the next building north, lost $10,000 on his stock, and Ferry & Giass and Elmer Grey, architect firms, and William Marnitz, tailor, sustained losses aggregating about $25,000. The flames then leaped to the sixth floor of the old insurance building to the south and completely destroyed that floor. The loss on this building will reach $10,000.
A number of attorneys in this building also suffered losses. The cause of the fire is unknown.
The New York Times, New York, NY 23 Mar 1901