Clintonville, WI Gas Explosion Jul 1945

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Every Window Broken
The house was blown from six inches to a foot off its foundation. Every window was broken. Even the rear garage window, about 35 feet from the house, was blown out, frame and all--as were several windows on the west side of the Henry Hoffman residence next door. The chimney on the east wall was completely destroyed and the chimney in the middle of the house cut off at the roof. Hardly a piece of furniture in the entire house was left in a usuable condition. Stockings, dish towels and window shades were tossed high into trees.
However, fire did not get started except in a minor way. About half of the curtains, two dust mops, some clothing in the basement and shingles at the rear of the house, ignited by burning curtains, were all that caught fire. These fires were quickly extinquished by the Fire department, which had been called.
Both the house and the furniture were covered by insurance to substantially their full value.
Marian, Mrs. Altman, Mrs. Zoesch and Mrs. Marcella Benz, Mrs. Fredrichs' sister, arrived in New London last night. John, eldest son, who resides in Troy, N. Y., arrives by plane this morning. Pat, in the Army Air Corps at Lubbock, Tex., is expected to leave Lubbock tomorrow on a furlough previously scheduled. Lee, another son, is with the Seventh army on Okinawa. It is expected that Lee Altman, Mrs. Fredrichs' brother, will be reached today.
Clintonville Tribune-Gazette, Clintonville, WI 19 Jul 1945