Oshkosh, WI Fire Oct 1908

Fire Threatens Destruction of Oshkosh, Wis.
Oshkosh, Wis., Oct. 19.-- Losses totalling about $100,000 were sustained in a fire in the lumber yards of the Morgan company of this city. The loss to this company is estimated at $75,000. Other property owners having losses which bring the total up as above are the H. C. Doman company, engine builders: Major R. P. Davidson of Highland Park, Ill. who lost a cabin launch: John Optenberg, Samuel Hawthorne and W. F. Doman.
The fire was made more sever by a gale of wind, which carried the embers far up into the business section of the city. Several small fires were started, but were put out by volunteer firemen.
It is estimated that about two and a half million feet of factory planks of cypress and white pine were destroyed.
Aberdeen Daily News, Aberdeen, SD 19 Oct 1908