Janesville, WI Runaway Accident, Jul 1880

RUNAWAY ACCIDENT.---As many of our people are personally acquainted with Rev. Jenk Lt. Jones, they will no doubt be pained to learn that he and his wife and two children were the victims of a rather serious runaway at Janesville, Monday evening. It seems that the reverend gentlemen carried the notions of his church in the matter of perfect personal liberty into practical effect when harnessing his horse to the carriage, and neglected to buckle the holdback straps, probably, with the idea that horses, as well as men, should not be trammelled[sic] with old-fashioned hindrances to free locomotion. At any rate, whatever the theory was, the practical workings were not satisfactory. When the party began to descent their first hill, the carriage pressed on the horse and finally crowded him so that he became frightened and ran away. Mr. Jones rose to his feet, endeavoring to hold up the horse, and kept this position until a crosswalk was reached, when, in turning, he was thrown from the buggy headforemost to the ground, but rolled over, and in an instant was on his feet, seemingly unhurt. In turning into Main street the horse came close up to the apron in front of the engine house, in passing off of which the buggy careened, throwing Mrs. Jones and the two children out. Mrs. Jones was thrown with great force, striking her face on the curb stone, which rendered his insensible for some time. The boy received a slight scratch on the head, but the girl was unhurt. Mrs. Jones' injuries are painful, but not dangerous, and at last accounts she was progressing favorably.

Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, WI 27 Jul 1880