Janesville, WI Fire, Jan 1867


Large Fire In Janesville - A Woman Burned to Death.

JANESVILLE, Saturday, Jan. 12.
This city was visited by a destructive conflagration early this morning. The Hyatt House, one of the largest hotels in Wisconsin, together with a church, express offices, several stores, &c., were consumed, and a woman burned to death. Loss over $1,200,000; insurance, $25,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Jan 1867


Hyatt House fire of 1867

Does anyone know how the fire started? Was it arson? Did the owner or other related party have anything to do with the fire? Exactly who was the woman who died during the fire, and where is she buried?
You mention other buildings catching on fire, exactly how many were there, and was anyone injured at these buildings

Update: I just read from a page from the Chicago Tribune dated Jan. 12, 1867 that the servant girl was named Maggie Emerson, they raised a ladder to save her, but she was on the fifth floor, and the ladder only went to the fourth floor. She perished. No body was ever recovered from the ruins. And reading further, many more buildings were built upon ruins such as the Hyatt House. Also, the actual owner of the Hyatt House at the time of the fire, was not A. Hyatt Smith, but he was the Assessor for the U.S. and his office was in this 5-story brick building.Many shops and offices were in the building also, but it was Mr. O. B. Matteson of Utica(?), NY.

I want to know more about any relations of this Maggie Emerson.

Sincerely, A Friedenberg