Racine, WI Fatal Motorboat Accident, Sept 1920


Former Anna Mitchell, Painter, of this City, Washed from Motor Boat Off Racine.


Husband, Whose First Wife Way Elizabeth Flynn, Sought Thus to Save Her.

Special to the New York Times.

CHICAGO, Sept. 12. - A thrilling story of having clung to his overturned motor boat six miles out in Lake Michigan off Racine, Wis., for eighteen hours and seeing his bride of six weeks, whom he at chained to the centreboard, washed off by the waves after an eight-hour struggle, was told tonight by John A. Jones, a landscape artist, following his rescue. His bride was Anna Mitchell, a portait painter of New York. No tace of her body has been found.

Mr. Jones was rescued by the fishing tug William, Jr., and is in a serious condition at a Racine hospital.

Mr. Jones and his bride were on their honeymoon. Jones obtained a divorce last July from his first wife, who was Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, the Socialist, and married Miss Mitchell at Crown Point, Aug. 13. Her family had objected to the match, and so the two eloped.

They had left Chicago on their honeymoon in an eighteen-foot launch which carried a square sail. They put in to Ephraim, Wis., Aug. 21, with much difficulty. A storm had disabled the boat and it was half swamped. They went as far as Washington Island, subsequently, and were on their return trip. They left Milwaukee Saturday afternoon.

At 3 o'clock the motor suddenly stopped. The waves were high, and while Mr. Jones tinkered with the motor, the day passed into night, and suddenly the boat capsized.



Anna Mitchell's drowning

Thanks for posting this.
This was my grandfather's kid sister, and the family -- there are a good number of us -- is still interested in the unusual death of Great Aunt Anna. God rest her soul.