Junction City, WI Train Wreck, Aug 1913


James Wade, Lowell, Massachusetts, Instantly Killed at Junction City.

JOHN WADE, a laborer with a Soo line extra steel gang at Withee, was run over and instantly killed by northbound local freight train No. 37, in charge of Conductor JOHN RAY and Engineer C. E. GARDINEER, just west of the depot at Junction City, at about 7 o'clock this morning.

According to an eye witness of the accident, WADE attempted to board the train as it was in motion. He fell beneath the wheels and his body was severed at the haps[sic]. Coroner BOSTON of this city was called and brought the remains here this afternoon. No inquest will be held as from all indications WADE'S death resulted entirely from his own carelessness. It is said that he had been paid his wages Saturday night and had come to this city, where he drank a considerable quantity of liquor. He beat his way to Junction City on the same train under which he met death, leaving the train there to secure a lunch.

Letters found in WADE'S clothes lead to the belief that his home is in Lowell, Massachusetts, where he has a mother and a sister. He was about twenty years of age.

Stevens Point Daily Journal Wisconsin 1913-08-04