Monroe, WI Vehicle Factory Fire, Jan 1914

The Height Of the Blaze



Monroe, Wis., Jan. 14. -- Damage of $250,000 was sustained by fire here which threatened to destroy the greater part of the business and leading residence section.
The fire started in some manner in the C. KARLEN garage which occupied the Monroe Manufacturing company's four-story building, devoted to the manufacturing of vehicles. This building is in ashes this morning and the firemen had to devote all of their attention to adjoining buildings.
Contents Not Saved.
Two other buildings were destroyed including the plant of the Monroe Herald and the residence of D. C. RYAN. Nothing could be saved from any of the buildings or the residence.
The buildings threatened with destruction were the Ludlow hotel, the Universalist church and the Y. M. C. A., all of which were damaged.
The heaviest loss was sustained by the Monroe Manufacturing company whose intire equipment, machinery, manufactured and raw material were burned. Insurance was carried in most cases but it is estimated this morning that this will be only a fraction of the total loss.
Fifty Autos Burned.
Nearly all of the wealthy residents of the city suffered from the fire as their automobiles, stored in the KARLEN auto garage, were burned together with those of the company, fifty in all.
The fire spread rapidly from the oil-soaked floor and other combustible materials in the garage and the flames were fanned by a moderate southeast wind.

Racine Journal-News Wisconsin 1914-01-14