Barneveld, WI Tornado, Jun 1984


Barneveld Tornado

Deaths: 9
Injuries: 197
Cost of damage: $25,000,000
Tornado path length: 36 miles
Tornado intensity: F5
Time: 12:41 AM - 1:40 AM

After a 36 mile long path for 59 minutes...93 homes were completely destroyed...64 others were damaged. Seventeen of the eighteen businesses and public facilities in the town of Barneveld were also destroyed. Nearly 90 percent of the town was completely devastated. At one point in time...the width of the tornado damage was nearly 400 yards wide.

Despite the tornado propagating through the town in the middle of the combination with the myth circulating around the town that no tornadoes could ever survive the hike up the blue mound...9 people died and 197 others were injured. 25 million dollars in damage was calculated. It was later determined by Ted Fujita that the Barneveld tornado was indeed an F5...the highest level on the Fujita tornado scale.