Green Lake, WI Tornado, Jul 1873


Various Sections Visited by a Terrible Tornado--Twenty Persons Drowned in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee, July 5.--The terrible storm which swept over Wisconsin yesterday proved very disastrous to pleasure parties. At Green Lake, Wis., a number of pleasure seekers were on the lake when the storm struck them, capsized the boats, and twenty souls were sent to eternity. The following are the only names that could be obtained: McRUSH and daughter, from Berlin, Wis.: JENNIE ALLEN, a child of MR. ALLEN: MRS. A. P. CARMAN, MRS. GEO. HARDING, MR. BAXWELL, wife and child, and MRS. JOHN BAIN. Further particulars will be given as soon as the lines work.

Later.--A terrible storm broke upon this city at noon, yesterday, while the Fourth of July festivities were in full blast, and out beautiful bay covered with yachts and small boats filled with pleasure seekers. The yacht Lone Star was capsized, and some narrowly escaped drowning. Trees were uprooted, signs flags and awnings dancing in the air, while loud peals of thunder and flashes of lightning followed in rapid succession. The storm passed over in half an hour, without loss of life, but this morning sad news reached us from Green lake, a beautiful sheet of water near Ripon, already famous as a summer resort. The yacht P. B. Harshaw capsized, and the following, cut of a party of 20 on board, were lost: MRS. A. P. CARMAN, of Dartford; MRS. M. C. RUSSELL and daughter, of Berlin; JENNIE OLIN, of Dartford; MRS. GEO. HARDING and child, and REV. MR. ALLEN of Dartford. A rowboat also capsized and the occupants, WM. BEEXHEIM, wife and child, and MRS. JOHN BAIRD, of Dartford, were all drowned.

The Grand Traverse Herald, Traverse City, MI 10 July 1873