Fond du Lac, WI fire, Aug 1855

FIRE AT FOND DU LAC. - About noon to-day a fire broke out in the garret of the Commercial Hotel in the Third Ward of this city, and had got under such headway before the Fire Department arrived on the spot, (they having about three-fourths of a mile to run,) that it was impossible to check the flames, and the hotel was entirely destroyed - together with a large portion of the furniture in the upper stories. We are informed that the Hotel was owned by J. M. GILLET, Esq., of this city, and was not insured. It was occupied by a Mr. OSBURN, as a boarding-house. The wind was strong at the time, and but for the exertions of the firemen, several other buildings, including WILBOR'S new steam saw-mill, would have been burnt. The fire originated in the garrett, which was all in flames at the time it was discovered. - Union Extra, Aug. 17.

The New York Times, New York, NY 25 Aug 1855