North Fond du Lac, WI blasting cap accident, Aug 1966

Blasting Cap Injures Village Boy, 14

NORTH FOND DU LAC - An innocent looking blasting cap lying on the breakwater at Lakeside Park Sunday enticed a 14-year-old North Fond du Lac boy to pick it up and later caused him bodily injury when it exploded at his home Monday night.

Thoas Livieri, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil D. Livieri, 1505 Minnesota Ave., was rushed to St. Agnes Hospital by the Fond du Lac County Ambulance at 11 p.m. when the cap exploded. Cornelius W. Olsen, chief of police here, stated the cap was apparently an electric blasting cap. The youth was experimenting with it in his room and must have connected the two wires on the cap to a battery.

This procedure caused the cap to explode, putting a large hole in the desk. Tommy's right arm was severely cut, the right eye damaged and his face and body was "peppered" with small pellets, Chief Olsen said.

An urgent appeal is being made by the officer for parents to read and become more familiar with blasting caps. The caps are small copper or aluminum cylinders about as big around as a lead pencil and between one inch and six inches long.

The Fond du Lac Commonwealth Reporter, Fond du Lac, WI 16 Aug 1966