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Parkersburg, WV Flood 1913


Wheeling, WV Flood 1907


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West Virginia Disasters

Tragic Accidents & Deaths


More West Virginia Disasters

:: Fairmont, WV Monongah Mine Explosion, May 1895   
:: Creston, WV Fire, Mar 1917   
:: Hambleton, WV Tannery Fire, Mar 1910   
:: Huntington, WV Boarding House Fire 1903
:: Mackeyville, WV Hotel Fire, Mar 1895   
:: Mount Hope, WV Fire, Mar 1910   
:: Wheeling, WV Fire Mar 1907
:: Wheeling, WV Millinery Store Fire, Aug 1908   
:: Colliers, WV Flood 1912
:: Grafton, WV Flood 1912
:: Parkersburg, WV Flood 1913
:: Riversville, WV Flood 1888
:: Sisterville, WV 1913 Flood
:: Wheeling, WV Flood Mar 1907
:: Wheeling, WV Flood 1936
Mining Accidents & Explosions
:: Fairmont, WV Monongah Mine Explosion, May 1895   
Train Wrecks
:: North Fork Junction, WV Train Accident, Feb 1902
:: Parkersburg, WV Train Wreck, Aug 1889
:: Pleasant View, WV Train Wreck, May 1907   
:: Tunnelton, WV Tornado
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Welcome to GenDisasters, a look back at the events that touched our ancestor's lives - tornadoes, fires, floods, hurricanes, train wrecks, mine explosions, and tragic accidents that became a part of history and our genealogy.
Bluefield, WV Coal Mine