Glen Rock, WY Train Wreck, Sept 1923

Glen Rock, WY Train Wreck, Sept 1923 Glen Rock, WY Train Wreck, Sept 1923 Glen Rock, WY Train Wreck, Sept 1923 Glen Rock, WY Train Wreck, 1923, photo from familyoldphotos.com

Hundreds of people visited the scene of the wreck Friday and silently viewed the tangled mass of steel and wood in the stream. They gazed at the wrecked express car and saw the legs of a man clad in faded blue overalls, the feet dangling in the water. In the vestibule of the same car the body of a man hanging face downward, could be seen. And, while they stood helpless, unable to reach the victims, the angry current roared over the sides of the car.

To attempt to reach the imprisoned bodies meant death in the swollen stream.

Father of Firemen Cries.
Arrangement had been completed to erect derricks and hoist the cars with their toll from the stream, but this plan was abandoned through fear that coaches would be broken and bodies lost. As a result they will remain all night in the watery tomb and plans will be laid to explore them with the arrival of daybreak Saturday, when it is probable that they will be uncovered.

Survivors removed from the flood on the east bank were taken to Douglas, while those removed from Pullman on the west were brought to Casper. For the most part those brought here remained in Pullmans at the Burlington station until they could be provided with clothing, many having abandoned theirs on the sleeper.

The creek into which the train plunged without warning, after leaving Casper at 8:35 Thursday night, is ordinarily dry, but had been swelled to the proportions of a river by a cloudburst which followed heavy rains that had continued for the last to days.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas 29 Sept 1923


By The United News.

GLEN ROCK, Wyo., Sept. 28. - A bell cord was used to rescue six passengers from the partially submerged Pullman of Burlington passenger train No. 30 after ins plunge into Cole Creek Thursday night.

John Cristle, oil driller of Glen Rock, cut the cord on the car, climbed to the roof and threw one end ashore. There a heavy rope was attached and pulled back to the car. After five other passengers had been sent safely ashore Cristle climbed hand over hand to safety. All were rushed to a hotel in Glen Rock and given emergency treatment.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas 29 Sept 1923