Glen Rock, WY Train Wreck, Sept 1923

Glen Rock, WY Train Wreck, Sept 1923 Glen Rock, WY Train Wreck, Sept 1923 Glen Rock, WY Train Wreck, Sept 1923 Glen Rock, WY Train Wreck, 1923, photo from familyoldphotos.com

Hand Over Hand to Safety.
A rescue train from Casper arrived at the scene of the wreck at 11 p. m. and immediately it was seen that the chance of rescue was by means of a rope arrangement strung from the east bank.

There were from twenty to twenty-four persons on top of the sleeper, all begging to be rescued.

The most thrilling portion of the rescue scene then ensued. A big cable rope obtained at the Big Muddy oil field, was thrown over to the marooned sleepers. With the headlight of the locomotive of the relief train playing on the scene, the slow process of rescue in this manner proceeded. Men, women and children went hand-over-hand from the sleeper to the east bank, a distance of more than 150 feet. Several times women lost one hand-hold of the rope, only to regain their balance and save themselves from dropping into the sweeping waters.

Brings Baby in His Arms.
After their perilous trip across the water, several women fell into a dead faint and had to be carried to waiting cars. A man carried a baby in his arms from the marooned car to the bank and almost miraculously effected a rescue.

George Evenson, a railroader, who was a passenger in the rear Pullman, described the wreck as one of quiet horror, in which the cries of the victims, if there were any, were stifled and smothered by the flood waters that closed over them.

H. D. Bellrose of Denver, first reported as missing, was thrown into the water from the Pullman in which he was riding, was washed into the Platte River and saved himself by clinging to a railroad tie, with the aid of which he reached shore in the darkness.

Gus G. Phillips of Barber, Ok., crawled over the engine in his escape from one of the submerged coaches and was badly burned. He will live, it is believed.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas 29 Sept 1923