Glenrock, WY Bomber Crash, Feb 1943

Ten Soldiers Die In Bomber Crash

CASPER, Wyo., Feb. 27. (AP).----The names of ten men killed in the crash of an Army bomber from the Casper air base were announced Saturday by the public relations officer of the base.

The victims were:

Second Lieut. LEWIS E. MACHALA, Houston, Texas, pilot; Second Lieut. NED J. DeVRIES, copilot, Medford, Ore.; Second Lieut. HARRY M. CANNON, navigator, Columbiana, Ohio.; Second Lieut. JOSEPH N. HIRSHMAN, bombardier, Long Beach, Calif.; Staff Sergt. JOHN MADDEN, Owensville, Ind.; Staff Sergt. JOHN F. ELSON, Waynesburg, Ohio; Staff Sergt. EUGENE D. GILES Jr., Lafayette, Ind.; Staff Sergt. ALFRED W. FULLER, Southwick, Mass.; Staff Sergt. ROBERT C. PARROTT, Modesto, Calif.; Sergt. JAMES C. FISHER, Charlotte, N. C.

The plane crashed and burned Thursday night in the hilly country twenty-eight miles northwest of Glenrock, Wyo., as it neared a bombing range. The cause of the accident still is being investigated.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 28 Feb 1943


Louis Machala was my Great Cousin!!!!

I have been searching online for a long time on anything on my Great Cousin. I have most of his military items from his time in the AAF Reserves. The reason I have found out I havnt found a lot is because in most cases such as this one, his first name is misspelled. It is Louis. If anyone has anymore info on him or the crash please contact me at: brandon_rss18@yahoo.com
Thanks so much.