Edson, WY Train Wreck, Jan 1888


Fatal and Frightful Accident on the Union Pacific Railroad.

CHEYENNE, WYO., January 10. – The Westbound Union Pacific passenger train which left there last evening was halted near Edson Station at 2:30 o’clock this morning to repair damage to the engine. After the delay and when the train had proceeded but a few hundred yards a freight train running at a high rate of speed rounded a curve and crashed into the rear car, telescoping two emigrant cars which at once caught fire and were entirely consumed. The rear of sleeper Delhi was also burned. A wrecking car and a corps of surgeons were soon on the ground. Five hours after the collision the track was cleared and the dead and wounded were removed to Rawlins. The following is a list of the killed and injured:

Child of Mrs. Jennie Street; aged 3 years, killed and body burned in the wreck; infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, died soon after reaching Rawlins; Wm. R. Johnston, chest injured; Brakeman George Shearer, right leg broken and left thigh cut in several places; Miss Ida Jay, injured about the back and abdomen; James Price, right ankle and hip injured; Mrs. James Price, back injured; Mrs. Jennie Street, back injured; D. B. Kritzer, several ribs broken and injured internally; Mrs. D. B, Kritzer, abdomen and chest injured; son of Mr. and Mrs. Kritzer, seriously injured. The thermometer registered twenty degrees below zero when the accident occurred and assistance was nearly thirty miles distant. The clothing of many of the emigrants was consumed in the flames and a number were badly frozen before reaching shelter. The company did everything possible for the unfortunates. Scott Vermillion, conductor of the passenger train fled to the adjacent bluffs immediately after the accident.

Twenty cow-boys have searched for him all day. It is believed he was crazed by the awful sight and doubtless ran until becoming exhausted he fell into an isolated ravine and expired.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 10 Jan 1888