Casper, WY Flood, Jul 1891


A Swollen Creek Washes Away the Camps of Pleasure Seekers.

CASPER, Wyoming, Aug 1 - Four, and possibly more lives were lost by a cloudburst on Casper Mountain, at the head of Garden Creek, last night.
The creek is about seven miles long from mouth to source, and is lined with camps. Near the head of the creek is a Summer resort, frequented by local picnic parties. The first thing the flood reached was the pleasure resort at the head of Garden Creek. At this point all the buildings were crushed and swept away, and the original site of the hotel at this point is buried beneath wreckage twenty or more feet deep.

From this place the water followed the course of the creek and demolished everything in its path. Judging from water marks, a volume of water forty feet high and thirty rods wide must have passed a narrow defile about 2 miles form the mountain proper.

This great flood of water in its rush down the side of the mountain found many campers up and down the creek, either sleeping or just about ready to retire for the night.

S. Newby and his family had retired for the night, when all at once they were surrounded with water, and a race for life began. Newby says he heard his wife scream for help, grabbed for her, but missed, and in the next second was being carried on by a great rush of water. This was the last he saw of his wife and baby. Newby caught the limbs of a floating tree, and, after floating about forty rods, was thrown on a bank. The body of Mrs. Newby was found this morning beneath a pile of rubbish, that of the boy has not been found.

Near the Newbys was camped Samuel Harrison, lately of Alliance, Neb. Harrison's two children were caught in the flood, and carried away. The bodies of the children were recovered this morning.

The tents and wagons of all the campers up and down the creek were destroyed, and at least fifty persons escaped with nothing but their sleeping garments. Food and clothing were sent to the unfortunates by the citizens of Casper to-day.

The New York Times, New York, NY 2 Aug 1891