Various Towns, AL Storms, Mar 1944


Birmingham, Ala. (AP) -- At least five persons were killed and more than two score injured Monday as high winds and electrical storms swept Alabama.
The dead:
JIMMY MITCHELL, 12, of the Pine Grove community in northeast Alabama.
R. S. KENNEDY, 59, struck by lightning at Mobile.
JAMES F. WOOD, about 55, of Luverne.
JAMES T. GROOVER, about 65, of Boaz, Ala., farmer.
EARL J. DODGE, 51, of Mobile, killed in a traffic accident during height of storm on highway 90 near St. Elmo.
Crenshaw County Sheriff L. F. Horn said WOOD was fatally injured when a tornado demolished the county garage on the outskirts of Luverne. Approximately six other persons were hurt, one seriously.
The sheriff said 25 to 30 houses in Luverne were damaged by the tornado. He fixed $150,000 to $200,000 as "a conservative estimate of the damage."
At least 38 persons were hurt in northeast Alabama, in addition to the fatal injuries to the 12 year old school boy.
The youth, JIMMY MITCHELL, was fatally injured as tornadic winds swept the little three-teacher Pine Grove school from its foundation while classes were in progress.
Cecil Nol, druggist at nearby Boaz, said at least 15 of MITCHELL'S schoolmates were injured. He said nothing was left of the frame school building except the foundation and flooring. The school is in the Horton community about 60 miles northeast of Birmingham.

The Nebraska State Journal Lincoln 1944-03-07