Irondale, AL Trains Collide, Jan 1910

Five Injured in Wreck.

Birmingham, Ala., Jan. 10. -- An incoming passenger train on the Seabord Air Line Railroad to-day ran into an eastbound freight train near Irondale, Ala., and three members of the passenger crew and two passengers were hurt, none seriously, it is reported. The freight train had sent a flagman out, but he had not gotten far enough ahead to stop the passenger train, it is alleged.

Times-Picayune, New Orleans, LA 11 Jan 1910



Passenger Crashes Into Freight on Seabroard

Birmingham, Jan 10 -- (Special.) -- Incoming passenger train No. 51, from Atlanta, on the Seaboard Air Line Railroad, ran into local freight train No. 12, going in an opposite direction, near Irondale. The freight train had stopped and a flagman was sent out to warn the passenger train.

The flagman had not gotten far enough to warn the passenger train in time and the collision followed.  Engineer N. L. Post, Baggagemaster S.S. Collins and Frank Pher [or Phar or Phor], negro fireman, of the passenger train, were injured.  Two passengers on the train, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Walpole, were injured. None were seriously injured, although members of the train crew were carried to a local infirmary.

The engineer of the passenger train had slackened the speed of the train, but not enough to prevent the two engines from being badly smashed.

 Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, AL 11 Jan 1910