Prichard, AL Two Auto Collision, Feb 1976


Prichard, Ala. (UPI) - Four teen-agers, trying to evade police in a speeding car, hit a vehicle carrying three adults Friday night and all seven died in the crash.
An Alabama state trooper said the three adults "didn't have a chance" when the teen-agers' car, traveling at more than 100 m.p.h., crossed the center line and hit them head-on.
The accident happened at Prichard, a suburb of Mobile.
Troopers Lyndon Johnson and Joe Mayes were operating a radar unit on I-65 when a 1961 model car sped by. "We couldn't pick them up on the radar because of all the traffic, but I knew they were moving," Johnson said. He set out in pursuit.
"I got up behind them doing 115 miles an hour," he said, "and they still pulled away from me."
The youths left the interstate, turned onto a state highway, then onto narrow, winding Shelton Beach Road. The troopers were still in pursuit.
"The driver couldn't handle the curves on Shelton Beach and we caught up," Johnson said. "They were still doing over 100."
Just inside the city limits of Prichard, the teen-agers went around a corner and crashed head-on into a second vehicle. Both cars were demolished.
"The Chevy driven by the teen-agers' was completely on the wrong side of the road," Mayes said. "Those other folks didn't have a chance."
The four teen-agers were identified as JAMES GRANTHAM, 17, the driver of the fleeing car; JEANETTE WHITEHEAD, 15; CYNTHIS LISENBRA, 17; and HARRY KIRK LANG, 17, all of the Mobile area.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Hawaii 1976-02-08