Lower Peachtree, AL Tornado, Mar 1913


Property Damage Will Run Well Into Millions-Buildings Demolished, Houses Unroofed, Wires Paralyzed and Crops Destroyed.

More than one hundred persons are reported killed and hundreds were injured, some mortally by a storm of tornado intensity which raged over central, western, southern and parts of eastern states yesterday. Property damage will run well into the millions.

Definite advices have been received accounting for at least seventy persons dead with reports from points temporarily cut off from wire communication by the storm adding hourly to the list.

Sixty Dead in Alabama.

Reports from Alabama show the loss of life was heaviest in that state, the number of dead there being already definitely placed at sixty, with additional fatalities reported but not confirmed. Two towns, Thomasville and Lower Peachtree, were practically wiped out.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 22 Mar 1913



Story of the Work of Storm at Lower Peachtree Hasn't Been Half Told.

Mobile, Ala., March 22.-Advices received this morning from Lower Peachtree, the Alabama river town practically wiped out by a tornado Friday, indicate that the story of the disaster has not been half told. Every store in the town was swept away by the storm, and supplies of every description destroyed.

Advices from Selma are to the effect that the steamboat City of Mobile, which turned back from Lower Peachtree on its southbound trip, will leave there this afternoon with supplies for the survivors. The steamer furnished sleeping quarters to many of the storm victims whose homes had been blown away.

W. S. IRBY, wife and child had an almost miraculous escape from death. While the house was being wrecked by the tornado they leaped from a window to a small chicken house in the yard, where some heavy timbers had been placed, and hung there while their home was swept into the Alabama river by the gale. None were seriously injured....

This morning thirty coffins were secured at Pine Hill and take to Lower Peachtree. GEORGE WILLIAMSON, reported dead, is still alive, though so badly injured that there is little hope of recovery.

An appeal for aid for the sufferers at Lower Peachtree and vicinity was wired to Mobile this morning. Gratitude is expressed at the prompt action of the federal authorities in ordering relief.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 23 Mar 1913



MOBILE, March 22.-Thirty persons killed and 47 injured is the toll of death following yesterday's tornado, which wiped out of existence the town of West Peachtree. Eighteen houses were demolished and all wire communication with the place is cut off.

The Daily Courier, Connellsville, PA 22 Mar 1913


Lower Peach Tree Tornado, Mar 1913

Scyrene-Lower Peach Tree, March 21, 1913. 27 killed, 60 injured. All 27 deaths occurred in Lower Peach Tree. At least 100 homes were splintered.

National Weather Service