Montgomery, AL Auto Accident, Aug 1910


Julius C. Richardson Loses Life in Automobile Accident on Bridge. Companions Injured.

Montgomery, Ala., Aug. 9.----Judge JULIUS C. RICHARDSON, judge of the Second judicial circuit of Alabama, is dead and Ed Winkler and Glasgow Stewart of Greenville, Ala., are injured as the result of an automobile accident this afternoon 15 miles from Montgomery on the Mobile road. The party was coming to Montgomery from Pensocola[sic] and the chauffeur was unfamiliar with the road. At a high rate of speed he drove the car to the centre of a bridge which there is a steep ridge. The car sprang forward, fell, crashed into one wall, skidded and then suddenly stopped, throwing Judge Richardson over the hood. He was rushed to Montgomery in another car. He died this evening.

The State, Columbia, SC 10 Aug 1910