Pratt City, AL Train Wreck, Oct 1907

One Killed in Alabama.

Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 12 -- In a collision between a Louisville & Nashville freight train and a 'Frisco passenger train at Pratt City, Ala., this morning, one man was killed and eight others injured.

The Pullman conductor, J. C. Smith of Birmingham, was instantly killed, and among the injured are E. T. Willcox, general freight agent of the 'Frisco, and William M. Goldsmith of Rochester, N. Y. The injured were in the last Pullman car. All the injured will recover.

Syracuse Herald, Syracuse, NY 12 Oct 1907



Frisco Passenger Train Run Into by a Louisville and Nashville Freight.

Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 12--One man was killed and eight injured when Frisco passenger train No 203 was run into by a Louisville and Nashville freight train at Pratt City, six miles west of here, this morning.

Both trains were running slowly. Engineer Donohue of the freight train says he saw the passenger in time but could not stop because all the cars were not equipped with air brakes.

The Pullman car, Leeds, third from the end was struck squarely and thrown on its side. Every passenger was injured. Pullman Conductor J. C. SMITH was instantly killed, the body being badly mangled.

Among the injured are:
E. T. Willcox, assistant general freight agent of the Frisco Memphis
Will Goldsmith, Rochester N. Y.
L. H. Weathers, Memphis
A. R. Barcemell, Memphis
John C. Hill, Verona, Ala.
L. D. Gully, Birmingham
C. B. Newman, Birmingham

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 13 Oct 1907