Gadsden, AL Buggy Accident, Nov 1901



While Drunk He Fell from the Seat of His Buggy His Head Being Caught by a Wheel.

Gadsden, Nov. 16.---(Special)---Details of a peculiar accident which happened at Spring Garden, about eighteen miles northeast of Gadsden, had just reached here. James Goings, a well-known farmer, and a friend drove to the Centre. While there they both got drunk. When they left Centre, to return home, they were almost stupefied with drink. When the horses drew up at the home of Goings the family found Goings in the foot of the buggy dead. The other man was sound asleep on the seat, and was altogether unconscious of the death of his friend. Goings lay with his feet protruding from the buggy, one arm hung over the front axle on the other side, and his head was against the wheel. By the incessant rubbing his head was raw and bloody, and his neck was broken. No one knows just how the accident occurred.

The Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, AL 17 Nov 1901