Chunchula, AL Train Wreck, Nov 1901

Mobile and Ohio Collision.

Mobile, Ala., Nov. 21.---Eleven people were injured in the collision between an accommodation and freight train near Chunchula, on the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, last evening. Only one, a negro fireman named Collins, is believed to be fatally hurt. Some of the injured were sent to the infirmary in Mobile and others were removed to their homes.

Neither engine left the track. There were four cars attached to the freight train and most of the stock was killed. The company is making an investigation into the cause of the accident.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 22 Nov 1901


Railroad Wreck

Accommodation And Freight Trains

On The Mobile And Ohio Collide, And

Eleven Persons More Or Less Injured.

Neither Engine Was Thrown From Track.

The Injured Are All Doing Very Well.

Mobile, Nov. 21.---The Citronelle accommodation train, north bound, had a collision with freight train No. 31, a fast freight, south bound, at 5:17 o'clock yesterday afternoon between the 20 mile and 21 miles posts, which is near Chunchula, and eleven persons were injured, but fortunately none seriously with one exception. The injured are: Thomas Darling, engineer of the accommodation train, right shoulder dislocated, head cut and badly bruised. Jack Collins, fireman on the same train; small bone in right leg fractured. Jerry Thompson, colored, fireman on the freight train. Henry McKelton, E. R. Cunningham, W. H. Ivy, George Hacket, M. C. Bailey, Samuel Brock, Baggagemaster John Pharr.

Only man considered dangerously injured is Jerry Thompson, colored fireman on engine No. 31, was sent to the city hospital.

All of the injured are doing as well as can be expected, with the exception of Collins, who seems to have been injured internally.

The Biloxi Daily Herald, Biloxi, MS 22 Nov 1901