Boyles Station, AL fell from a tank, Mar 1897


Arthur Lawrence, a Negro Fireman, Sustains Serious Injuries at Boyles.

About 10:30 o'clock last night, Arthur Lawrence, a negro fireman on the Louisville and Nashville, fell from the tank or tender of his engine at Boyles Station and received very dangerous injuries.

The engine was taking water at the water tank when Lawrence slipped and fell to the rocky ground, striking the timbers of the support of the tank. A deep and dangerous cut was inflicted on his head and his hip severely injured. It is thought that he sustained internal injuries.

He was brought to this city and taken to the home on Fourth avenue, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets in the Warner-Smiley company's ambulance.

It is said that Lawrence was also injured in the wreck between the Southern and Louisville and Nashville trains at North Birmingham when Engineer Bryan was killed and that this was his first trip since then.

The Birmingham State Herald, Birmingham, AL, 26 Mar 1897