Darlington, AL Tornado, Mar 1902

Cyclone at Darlington, Ala.

Russellville, Ala., March 29.--A cyclone passed through Darlington, 4 miles south of Russellville yesterday afternoon, completely demolishing the Methodist and Baptist churches, unroofing Giero’s store, tilting up Daniel’s store, wrecking the depot and damaging a number of other buildings. F. W. Bolon and O. P. Salter were badly bruised in the falling of the depot. The course of the storm was south to northwest, blowing down many Negro cabins in its path.

News from the country began to come in this morning of the work of the terrific wind of yesterday. Farm houses were blown away, groves of fine trees were leveled and many farm animals killed. Mr. Trexel’s house west of the city was completely wrecked and Mose Shepard lost his home and barn and narrowly escaped with his life. Flying timbers held the man to the ground for several minutes. Sandy Mitchell’s house and barn were completely wrecked and one of his sons was seriously injured.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 30 Mar 1902