Pell City, AL Dynamite Explosion, Nov 1902 - Fatal Explosion


Two Persons Were Killed and Several Others Were Injured.

Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 17.-A fire which broke out in the freight depot of the Southern Railway at Pell City 54 miles east of here, at 4 o'clock this morning, was followed by a terrible explosion, which resulted in two persons being killed and ten injured, two perhaps fatally. The dead are:

J. D. HALL, merchant, of Pell City.

THOMAS WHITFIELD, brickmason, from Cedartown, Ga.

The wounded are:

HON. N. B. SPEARS, former member of the Alabama legislature and republican candidate for congress in the Seventh district two years ago, arm broken and internal injuries; very serious and perhaps fatal.

Engineer John Griffin, terribly cut in the side by a piece of flying wood. fatally.

M. TILTON, Atlanta, bruised.
MACEY SEABORN, hand broken.
D. A. BOKE, agent Seaboard Air Linc, leg broken and internally injured.
FRANK HIGHTOWER. Cedartown, Ga., forehead injured.
MRS HARDY CORNELL, proprietoress of the Pell City Hotel, foot crushed and internal injuries.
W. A. CROOLEY, druggist, face and chest hurt.
Conductor E. P. SINCLAIR, arm broken.
Conductor J. M. JACKSON, right shoulder dislocated.

When the fire was discovered the night operator gave the alarm, by repeated firing of a revolver. This aroused the citizens who ran to the depot to help save the freight. The fact was overlooked that fifty cases of dynamite were stored in the place and the explosion occurred while a large crowd of citizens and railroad men were near the scene, thus causing a long list of casualties.

Ten business houses, including the Pell City Hotel, were also wrecked, causing a heavy loss. Two freight trains on the siding were gotten away in time to save them.

Several of the injured were brought here.

The Columbus Enquirer-Sun, Columbus, GA 18 Nov 1902